Level 10 Janitor for the Golden Boot in Regalius


Stefaan was born and raised in Regalius. Now a teenager, he works as a janitor, trying to get a little bit of extra spending money.

Having worked at the Golden Boot for a year, Stefaan felt as though nobody respected him. One day, Alias of The Party told Stefaan of a party that his co-workers were having without him, celebrating The Day of Ribbons. Not knowing that Alias was lying, this upsetted Stefaan. In order to make him feel better, Alias threw a massive party for him in Regalius's town square. In order to prepare for the party, Stefaan stole a recipe for Crowberry Tart.

In the end, the party on The Day of Ribbons and his friendship with The Party did a lot to make Stefaan feel better about his job.



Throughout the party planning process, Stefaan began to look up to Alias, and is decieved a little too easily by him.


  • As a hobby, Stefaan is a cheesemaker
  • Stefaan's favorite food is Crowberry Tart
  • Stefaan speaks Common and Janitorialism
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