Darktroos (formerly Chartroos) is a Halfling and a Level 10 Monk.


An orphan, Chartroos was raised in the monastery of Ilmater in Illmatia to be a devout monk. Gifted with an aptitude for making bad decisions helping people, the abbot decided that Chartroos' unique gifts could do the most good as far away as possible out in the world. Enthused by this goal, Chartroos followed his adopted brother Grimgor into the Order of the Gauntlet, and thereby began a series of adventures.


Chartroos accompanied Grimgor to the hamlet of Yggshire, and got his hands on the indestructible souls of two GODS.

He also meets a disgusting drow.

Leaving the village, Chartroos and Grimgor joined forces a wandering barbarian and a enigmatic warlock, forming the party.

From that point forward, Chartroos and his comrades brave many perils together.

Episode III: Darktroos Rises

After massacring a load of genocidal cannibal maniacs, Chartroos loses faith in people and decides that this world can only be made better with some extreme violence. To this end, he pledges to martyr his own sense of morality and become a bloodthirsty vigilante intent on destroying evil.

To make matters worse, Chartroos gets a bad case of the black rose curse when he renounces Aagcapa.

Ogdar, who knows that wanton violence is wrong, is pretty keen on stopping Chartroos from sliding further into extremism. He does his best, but long story short Chartroos effectively dies, becoming Darktroos the bloodthirsty twice-cursed psycho monk.

He's still out there somewhere.



Chartroos prepares for battle. This is him, I swear.

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